Association Management Services

Industry associations are one of the most effective tools for bringing new technologies and standards to market. Associations foster collaboration and cooperation among competitors, integrators, solution providers and users resulting in rapid market adoption.

Industry associations are effective whether it is open to all industry players or limited to adopters of a company-specific technology, it requires both human and financial resources. These resources are used to fund development of important programs such as market education and awareness, testing and compliance, and industry adoption.

Principals in the Lakeview Group have extensive experience creating and managing industry ecosystems, alliances and standards involving energy, semiconductor, communication and consumer-related industries.

Unlike large, formula driven association management companies, the Lakeview Group is managed by a senior team and draws upon domain experts to support the specific requirements of each alliance. This approach eliminates the unnecessary overhead of a large agency, while drawing from a senior-level group of professionals, each contributing their unique skills and experience.

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